Thursday, November 12, 2009

9 days

......boring life......

9 days no exam
*first day*
what i had do??
watch drama
study 1 chapter science social

*second day*
drama again
study half chapter science social
play game

*third day* (is today)
do some maths question
(refresh, but still got some don't know how to do)
drama again
keep eat rubbish food

my forth,
fifth and
following days' life will how?

very boring,

cause you not beside me!
i miss you so...
i thought after i move to tradewinds i can save my handphone money
(cause can don't need message with shark!)

but not!!!!
my money is wasted on you,
too miss you already,
everyday also call you chit chat!
now you and shark become my lovely dear already!


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