Monday, July 13, 2009

how i save $?!!,,,sigh

when i come to uum,,,i juz bring 3 pair of shoes
  • sandal
  • sport shoe
  • high heel
so i feel shortage of shoes,,,
den when go to jitra laz fri...i bought 1 slipper n 1 sandle...

up ~ $23
down ~ $26
2 oso pink pink^^

so, my shoes become 5 pairs...

after a walk to jitra, i feel my wallet become thin n more thin...
so i decide to save save use d $,,,

how, uum got wad fair,,selling shoes..clothes..n pc stuff...
huh!!,,,juz in few mins, my shoes family add 1 more member...

new member >>> quite cheap,,juz $25^^

now, my wallet juz left........sigh :(

ss pic,,,

ss when meet to discuss bout performance stuff...

doing nthing in yong room

yong say me dis style look more young!!
izit??,,,or her sight.........??!!


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