Monday, July 20, 2009


7.45 morning

almost all chinese of tnb gather at here

play games,,,sun burn for hours....
n 1st station de game edi lose...den kena hukum frog jump 1 round basketball court!!!
my leg pain till...wan patah!!
now when walk oso nit keep my leg straight (funny look),,,if nt will terjatuh!!
who fix d basketball court de size??,,,y so big de!!!

eat steamboot,,,long time din eat liao....

look so many,,,but is for 9 ppl eat de volume...
so,,,nt enough to eat..^^

after eat,,,c me used so many tisu...
long time din feel d eat steamboot de hot

my group...Group 5

c d sit beside white colour shirt boy dat girl,,,
look same wif yong???
when yong saw dis pic she oso terkejut...tot is herself!!

>mr tnb n qian<

]miss tnb n qian[

take pic wif seniors
oops,,not yet prepare la....

yeah...nice pic...

nice background??


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