Sunday, July 19, 2009


my hostel - DPP TNB
(dewan penginapan pelajar tenaga nasional berhad)

17 jul 2009 , nite had organize malam pancawarna

my group perform dikir barat

d wearing~like yong dat,,,wif a batik

yong roommate

my block - Block D

my room

quite big leh??

my cupboard

but d cupboard gt a smell :(

my stuff

dis is d thingsss dat i will n muz bring to class
so my bag quite heavy!!

my xiao qian

when in uum, xiao qian follow me go here n there
1 day, i c her look so down (actually is cz her body dirty liao)

>>>sad look

den i bring her go take bath

c,,she so enjoy

after dat,,,

look,,,she become so happy

my pill

3 hour b4 depart to uum, i go c tabib cina
den she gave me 500 biji ubat,,,enough eat for 1 month
avtime my mom call me,,,

mom : u gt eat ur pill??

qian : yes, gt!!

but sorry,
honestly, i din eat d pill on time..^^..juz song song oli eat

so i bought a pill organizer box

gt dis, den when i open my bag, c it, n eat it, den i think i can finish dis x hundred pill b4 back to klang.

my new member

c d heel so nice

my lunch - Mcd

12pm~3pm , set of Mcd juz $5.95
but for uum student is $5.95 + $11 (2 ways bus ticket)

special sit for special VIP

all miss Mcd so much

answer call oso muz enjoy eat Mcd

uum students wif fren from

my frenss - gentelman

give their sit place for others ppl (aged woman)

guess noe who is he??

look yeng??

he help yong carry d violin all the way from
uum >> alor setar >> uum

den he oso from
street singer >> body guard >> kuli

my x monitor

my cute usb



  1. yong last pic look QUITE thin!

  2. ya la,,,actually i dun wan put dis pic de lo,,,,cz dun noe wad to write,,,but she say look very thin...ask me muz put,,,so terpaksa lo...haha