Friday, July 10, 2009

8 hours....freedom

today, fri, holiday...
wif 1 group of stk frensss go Jitra...a small city in Kedah
here not 'in' like Klang,,,
d mall oso small than kp,,,

so lucky let us found a chinese restoran,,,
having our breakfast + lunch,,,
so, v muz appreciate dis time to have our pork big meal!!!
when enjoying d meal,,,i suddenly feel dat---finally can have a normal meal like in klang---^^

den go shopping,,,buy lot stuff...n sure waste lot $ :(

den go watch movie>>>ice age 3

same price like in klang,,,

den go eat pizza hut......

3 ppl share share set for 4 person de meal...
but actually d food juz bit oli....

c,,,eat till so clean,,,
dun waste food!!

den back to uum lo.......

wad i hope juz,,,
faster reach 14 aug....i wan crazy in Selangor!!!
so miss u frenssss...


  1. omg!!why u wear kpa shirt!!!

  2. haha..qian
    finally i can post a comment
    try so hard to post it
    jiayou n take care
    i check d
    Kedah can eat pork de

  3. ya,,,jackie...but ahrd to find pork oso althought yong always beside me!!

    lol,,,i din bring many clothes to here ma,,,now oso i wearing kpa shirt to reply u..^^